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Tabella Telefoni, Palmari e Navigatori compatibili con UFED Cellebrite

CelleBrite For Forensic & Law Enforcement


Mobile Handset Analysis:  fast and secure forensic Data Extraction

The Full suite of tools yuo need for mobile phone forensic:
– Field-ready Forensics Kit
Standalone kit in ruggedized case designed for even the harshest conditions
– Battery-powered handheld device requires no computer for extraction
– Complete extraction of mobile phone data
Phonebook, SMS Message, Photos, Videos, Call Logs (dialed, received, missed), Audio Files and more
– SIM ID Cloning
Analyze phone without allowing any network activity, even if SIM is locked with PIN
– Memory Dump Analysis
Dig deeper by analyzing physical memory, including deleted data
– The widest support of handsets
Over 1600 handset models, with monthly updates for newly released devices.
Kit includes 66 data cables for connecting to handset.
The Cellebrite UFED Forensics system empowers law enforcement, anti-terror and security organizations to capture critical forensic evidence from mobile phones, Smartphones and PDA.
UFED extracs vital data such as phonebook, camera pictures, videos, audio, text messages, call logs, ESN IMEI, ICCID and IMSI information from over 1600 handset models, including Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, Blackberry and Palm OS device.
UFED analysis also includes memory dump analysis, providing access to system files and deleted messages.
Portable and easy to operate, the UFED can be used in the forensic lab as well as in the field, including a ruggedized, battery-powered kit pack.
Cellebrite UFED enables SIM ID cloning, allowing for phone analysis without network activity, and creating a duplicate identity of the original SIM card.
data is copied to any standard USB flah drive or SD card and is then organized into clear and concise reports.
Cellebrite’s industry expertise provides reliability and ease.of.use and ensures the broadest support for handset varieties, including updates for newly released models even before they are available in the market.

Using the Cellebrite UFED to extract forensic data is a simple process:
– Identify the handset type
– Connect the handset using the provided cable
– Plug in a USB disk drive or conn
ect to a PC
… Start the examination!
The examintion takes only a few minutes. Once completed the evidence can then be viewed in a detailed report, analyzed, printed and emailed.

Content Reports
The UFED Report manager enales you to save, print and analyze the extracted data.
Concise, easy-to analyze reports are generated in HTML format, providing an organized print-out for use as a courtroom reference. reports also include important fields such as time and date of extraction, agent of officer who performed the extraction and department and case number. Data integrity in the courtroom is reinforced by the use of MD5 hash signatures for the extracted data.
Tha data is extracted in a strictly read only process. The extracted data is verified using an industry.
Secure and Thorough Content
The UFED allows you to extract a wide variety of data types from the handset:
– Call Logs ( Received, Dialed, Missed)
– Phonebook
– Phone Details (IMEI / ESN phone number)
– Text Messages (SMS) including SIM deleted messages
– Photos and images
– Video
– Audio Recordings
– Sim Location Information: TMSI, MCC, MNC, LAC standard MD5 hash algorithm to insure data integrity for the courtroom
Memory Dump
The Ufed system performs a dump of the physical phone memory to capture additional data, including file system and deleted messages data.
Strong casing for the Roughest Filed Conditions
The Ruggedized UFED version is designed to standup to even the toughest military and surveillance field conditions. The hard-case packkeeps the UFED secure in any transport environment, plus a rubber casing keeps the UFED working smoothly during rough usage, shocks and drops. The casing includes flaps to protect the exposed openings from dirt, dust sand and other contaminants.
SIM ID Cloning
To enable phone evaluation without the phone being active, the UFED can clone the phone’s SIm card. The UFED creates an exact copy of the sim with the exception of network identification, allowing full phone analysis without the risk of any incoming or outgoing calls or messages.
SIM ID Cloning is also effective for cases in which the PIN lock is activated.
Superior Handset Compatibility
With the UFED system, your organization leverages the largest library of supported hndset available today worldwide.
Cellebrite supports over 1600 devices and releases automatic monthlyupdates with support for new models, even before they are released to market. Handset support also includes a full set of 66 data cables, ensuring the right connectivity for each phone type.
The UFED supports the devices regardless of network carrier or network technology, with support for GSM, CDMA, iDEN and TDMA phones.
Battery-Powered Flexibility
The ruggedized UFED version runs on a powerfull rechargeable battery pack, providing over 4 hours of continuos operations between charging. Recharging is easy using the standard AC power source or the in-vehicle car adapter.
In the filed and at the Lab
To meet the needs of military, police and security environments, the UFED is designed for field conditions. Filed staffcan quickly extract data. Back at the lab, or in the filed, simply connect the USB disk drive to any computer to produce detailed reports.
Field extraction ensures that a suspect’s phone can be examined before the individual has a chance to destroy or erase data.
International Language Support
The UFED system supports Unicode data encoding, which allows you to extract data in foreign alphabet system including European, Asian and Middle-Eastern languages.
In addition, the UFED user interface can be run in eight languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Greek. Your personnel can use the UFED in their native language.

Field-ready Portable Kit
The UFED is equipped with all yuo need for mobile phone analysis. Choose the configuration that matches your intended usage.

Kit Carrying Case Convenient vinyl carrying case Hard-side plastic casing
with secure latches
and easy carrying handles
UFED Device  v v
Cable Organizer  v v
Data Cables 66 66
Small Cable Pouch for quick excursions   v
USB Flash Drive for saving examination data  v v
Ac Power Supply  v v
12V In-vehicle (cigarette Lighter) Power Supply v v
UFED Battery Pack   v
SIM ID Cloning Cards  5 10
Car Reader   v
Phone Chargers set   v
Faraday Bag   v
UFED Manager-Report Viewing and Printing Software  v v
Phone Connection Cleansing Brush  v v
User Manual and Support CD  v v

Ufed Sim ID Cloning  Access Card
The SIM ID Cloning capabilities of Cellebrite’s UFED (Universal Forensics Extraction Device) solve the following key problems facing Forensic departments today:
– Extract Phone data while neutralizing the phone from any network activity during analysis
– Extract Phone data when the original SIM is not available – by manually insert the ICCID or IMSI
– Extract Phone data when the SIM card is PIN locked

After cloning a SIM card, you can re-insert it into the original phone, and then start extracting information
without concern that the phone will receive incoming calls or SMS messages, and without losing the call
history of the phone being examined.
The UFED’s SIM ID Cloning capabilities are based on Cellebrite’s long track record of wide device support. With each phone manufacturer and model having its own proprietary ways of working, it is critical that
you rely on the industry experts to provide reliable access to the variety of devices available today and in the future.

SIM ID Cloning works as an integrated part of the standard UFED product, providing you with all the tools you need for cellphone forensic analysis, including simple extraction in the field or at the lab and thorough evidence reports for research and for evidence submission

Established in 1999, Cellebrite provides solutions for mobile phone data managment, with over 60000 product units deployed worldwide at ecurity organizations as well as the premier commercial cell phone carriers and retail chains. Our forensic customers include highly respected national and local division of law enforcement, police, anti-terror and public security units.

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